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Owner’s Biography

Katey Ramsey

I have always been a crafter! Born into a family of non-crafters, I have had to seek out and find mentors, instructions, and “how-to” videos to explore different things to make and learn new methods and techniques. Then I would turn around and teach my friends! When I discovered quilting, I was drawn to all the beautiful fabric patterns and colors; using prints was like making art with art!  Crafting was always my hobby, and having a craft related store is my dream!

I worked retail off and on as a young adult then began instructing computer classes. I really enjoyed connecting with the clients, and breaking down the skills they needed, helping find just the right way to spark interest. In retail, great customer service is all about listening to what the customer wants, and helping them find it, even if it means directing someone to a different place. 

I went to Eastern Kentucky University and earned an Associate’s in Computer Aided Drafting because I liked to make things and thought learning how to draw them would be a great way to start. While working in the automotive parts manufacturing industry, I returned to school at the University of Kentucky and earned my Bachelor of Business Administration, Finance degree.  This unique mix of knowledge and my ability to write work instructions brought me to the Quality department at a major automotive manufacturer. 

My professional career progressed over 25 years rising to the Quality Manager position.  I developed my skills in process control, honed my teaching skills, and harnessed my inner perfectionist.  Quality control is a delicate balance of dealing with customers (both internal and external), and creative problem solving with lots of paperwork, documentation, and some budgeting mixed in.  Customer service was now fixing the mistake for the customer, and then fixing the process to prevent it from recurring. These skills are all crucial in the running of a small business!

Covid hit in early 2019, and I found myself with lots of extra time on my hands.  Pulling out a quilt I never got around to making, I went in search of coordinating fabric.  I discovered the owner of the local quilt shop in Mooresville had retired and closed, leaving a community of quilters without a fabric source. Finding color matches online was challenging, and the closest shop that carried the fabric brand I favor (Timeless Treasures) was 2 hours away in Asheville, NC.  Inspired to improve the process for quilters like me, I decided it was time to open a new quilt shop serving the Mooresville area where quilters can come and experience the feel, quality, and colors of the materials available for their projects.